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The coalition is dedicated to reclaiming democracy, preserve rule of law, freedom of speech & safeguard constitutional rights of Indian citizens
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We are an alliance of organizations dedicated to preserve democracy and rule of law, and stop the genocide that is being planned in India by the Hindutva movement.
The genocide and ethnic cleansing was planned to take place in stages by the ultranationalist government of India. The first stage was the disenfranchisement of Indian Muslims through discriminatory citizenship laws such as the National Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) . This act where in only non -Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan would be eligible for citizenship,  was to be followed by the implementation of another act called the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Under the NRC, citizens who cannot not produce documents proving their ancestors were living in India before 1951 would be denuded of their citizenship. A majority of Indians are poor, illiterate and mobile-especially women who get married and move to neighboring villages and towns. They do not possess birth certificates and other similar “proofs”. The Hindus among them would then be allowed to use the loophole of CAA and regain citizenship and millions of Muslims would be put in concentration camps.
The CSGI alliance was launched after a group of Muslims from India living in Albany, New York came together under the banner of Albany Alliance of Indian Muslims and appealed  for the campaign of solidarity with the mass protest going on in India against the disenfranchising laws.
Dr Shaik Ubaid proposed that rallies be held on January 26th 2020 which is celebrated in India as the Republic Day, marking the anniversary of the adoption of the Indian constitution. He proposed that these rallies expressing solidarity with the Indian mass protests, take place in front of the embassies and consulates in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. After a series of conference calls Dr. Ubaid’s proposal was adopted. It was decided that these rallies on 26 January would be held under the banner of the Coalition to Stop Genocide in India. The name of the coalition was proposed by the delayed groups.
The groups joining the CSGI included Infian Minorities Advocacy Network (ImanNet), Equality Labs, India Civil Watch, Indian American Muslim Council ( IAMC), South Asia Solidarity Initiative, Hindus for Human Rights, Council of Minority Rights in India, Association of Indian Muslims, Justice for All, Majlis Ash Shura of New York, Coalition of Americans for Pluralism in India, Wisconsin Alliance for Civil Rights in India, Coalition Against Fascism in India along with Christian and Ambedkarite groups. American Christian and Jewish leaders as well justice groups such as the Black Lives Matter also attended the rallies.
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